Happy Year of the Dog

cover of CNY card.png

Today marks the beginning of the year of the earth dog. Earth is a stabilizing force, and this year is expected to bring us prosperity and better communication. This year may also bring about a demand for social change, even more so than other years.

This is welcome news to us. At Yui+Company, we root ourselves by anchoring in purpose and seek to lift up people and organizations that do the same.

We celebrate Chinese New Year with family, friends and food...and with acts of giving. We love uniting over shared passions and pride ourselves on engaging others who align with our core mission of doing good to do well. As a result, we spend a lot of time thinking about how we can help leaders and organizations envision and manifest their higher purpose and mission, energized by the joy that boomerangs back to us.

After a year witnessing traumatizing natural disasters with the painful knowledge that animals…pets and wildlife alike…would continue to suffer from the onslaught of hurricanes, wildfires, floods and freezing temperatures, we wanted to act. When it came time to choose an organization to align with for our annual Chinese New Year’s greetings, and since it’s the year of the dog, we decided to support World Animal Protection (WAP) for their commitment to saving all animals worldwide, and hope to inspire others to do the same.

WAP’s commitment to transparency made them a natural choice for us. We firmly believe transparency is the new black, and with a GuideStar Gold rating, a BBB accreditation and an Independent Charities of America Seal of Excellence, we knew they were dedicated. Obtaining these kinds of qualifications means proving your charity provides the services that have been outlined in its mission. It requires documentation and accountability…a strong indicator that we had found a partner in openness and honesty.  

The organization’s global efforts do not go unnoticed either. It isn’t easy to commit to helping stray dogs and cats, but WAP seeks to help animals in farming, in disasters, and in the wild. It is ambitious, especially rescuing animals in a disaster zone, and they are making headway. Their commitment to animals extends deeper than just work; they also offer access to research, educational blogs, collaboration and training to people around the globe who find their mission inspiring.

Sharing values is what brings us together and makes for effective storytelling. Without a deeper purpose and passion, communications efforts fall flat. They must be anchored in soul, in something that pulls people in. WAP aids animals, but the way they speak about it lends an air of seriousness and expertise that makes them easy to trust. Their transparency and their openness about it draws donors in further. Because they anchor in what we consider to be a sacred purpose, it is infused throughout their communications. It springs from the soul of the organization and each individual in it. Speaking this kind of personal truth inspires others to do the same, and to seek out and align with people and entities that live in that light. It can stoke a fire. A transformative, healing, untamed wildfire that burns from within and lights paths of purpose and joy.

A year of hope. A year of social change. A year to share our stories.

Best wishes for peace, light and joy in the new year.

And many thanks to World Animal Protection for their noble work.

Ellen Yui & Molly Devlin