Firing up Social with Soul

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Using social media can feel like shouting into the void sometimes…but it can be a valuable tool for communicating and connecting. However, like any communications effort, it has to be rooted in your higher purpose if you don’t want to get lost in the ebb and flow of trends, influencers and trolls.

Authenticity is extremely important on social media. Followers can tell when a company is paying them lip service, and they do not respond well to this type of communication. Trying to come off as hip and with it in your communications only works if you are actually hip and with it. Your efforts have to stem naturally from your brand and your mission. Your social staff can engage with trends but do it in a way that still serves your unique voice. Some organizations may be more serious, some more playful…it depends on your goals and vision. Being authentic and transparent is ultimately what matters.

Social media is a two-way street, so you will have to communicate with others. You can help foster conversation with all your followers by reaching out with polls and discussions through tweetchats or comment threads. When people feel as though you are engaging and responding in a true way, they trust you. This cements your position as a thought leader in your industry, so people and other businesses can contact you for expertise. Social media also allows you to get in touch with your competitors and speak to organizations with similar values for collaboration.

Social media can be a place for you to manage any PR problems your company may have. It will allow you to put a more friendly voice to a compromised institution and demonstrate genuine intent and a heartfelt commitment to addressing issues. It is important to show regret and display how you will change for the better. It can be a real opportunity for growth and soul-searching that you can share with your audience. By being transparent and honest in addressing an issue, major or minor, you can rebuild any trust. You may even discover a new higher purpose to communicate.

Companies have a great opportunity to build organic relationships and find new content, since so much time can be eaten up creating and curating content. By holding contests and following back users who are excited about your company, you can create a community. Having a community sharing ideas and images will help when you need to create new content. The community members will feel heard and see that you are committed to your shared values.

While some see social media as trivial communications platform, words used online do carry significant weight. All communications should flow from your higher purpose. This keeps you rooted in truth and gives your messages an anchor point to radiate from, even if they are light-hearted.

Social media allows your team an opportunity to spread your ideas to a far-reaching audience. To ignite connection, you need to fire up your posts with soul. When it resonates with someone, they’ll share it with their like-minded friends. By making sure your communications are anchored in purpose, you’ll bring in new followers and potential collaborators quickly.

Molly Devlin